Why Daulatdia Ghat 5 Days Nipun

Popular actress Nipun Akhter was in the sex village at Daulatdia Ghat for five consecutive days. And from there he saw the life of sex workers very closely. But why was he there?

In response to such a question, Nipun said, “I had to stay there for five days due to the character’s needs. Which will come up in the story of the movie “Veeratva”. The audience will understand why I was there.

Saidul Islam Rana’s movie ‘Virtva’ is releasing on September 16. And last Friday, a press conference was organized to mark its release in a restaurant in the capital. The National Film Award-winning actress told the journalists present about her experience of living in a brothel.

Nipun said, ‘I have acted as a sex worker in the movie. You know our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given voting rights to sex workers. A part of him will appear in the movie.

He also said, ‘We shot at Daulatdia Ghat. Work started in the month of October towards the end of Corona. I had never done such a role before, so the role was very challenging. After staying for five days, I shot there for a total of 15 days. It’s a different experience. So I request you to go and watch the movie.

Apart from Nippon, the movie ‘Veeratva’ starred Eman, Navgat Nishat Nahar Salwas and many others.