What are you planning for the child?

Porimoni has already said that she is enjoying the time since becoming pregnant. It is well understood if you go to his Facebook. The timeline is filled with various images celebrating the period of motherhood. Here are some pictures taken from Porimani’s timeline, where he shares his plans to welcome the new guest.

As the day of possible birth draws closer, Porimoni senses the arrival of a new guest better.Bagful of shopping. And now the fairy is happy with the love of husband Raj with her.Preparation begins. New members will come this month. It’s not late. Before that, the actress has done a bunch of shopping.

With this picture on Friends Day, Porimoni wrote, ‘I can easily tell you about all my pains without hesitation. In such a short time, the closest person to my heart, I love you very much.

Dishes of food, sarees, clothes for the new baby—what not! Pari sat down to eat after wearing a new pink saree.

The actress played Sadh a few days ago. He also shared this picture on Facebook. This was organized by another Bangladeshi actress Sarkar Apu. Pari was very happy. Actress overwhelmed by his love.

Porimoni is weaving dreams one by one as he chooses. The actress bought clothes, shoes, baby bed for the unborn child.Newborn shoes in hand, the actress wrote, waiting for the little butterfly. Mother Parimony is not sparing in the arrangements for his arrival.Pari responded by filming her pregnancy some days ago. He caught attention in white and yellow clothes.

Sadh was organized by playwright and director Chayanika Chowdhury. A fairy overwhelmed by his love. He wrote, ‘Even in the midst of so much busyness, you have arranged this, you have taken care of me. You have been my companion since the beginning. Mom, I love you.Shariful Raj, the closest person on the way to becoming a mother, is her shadow companion. Shariful is participating in all events.

Porimoni and Raj still don’t know whether it will be a boy or a girl. The star couple did not show curiosity even though they had the opportunity to know through the doctor. He wanted to keep it as a surprise.

Porimoni said that she and Raj went to the market to buy things for the child. Clothes are bought in such a way that boys can wear them, even girls can wear them.

Porimoni said that she is enjoying the time since becoming pregnant so far. The doctor said that Pari and the unborn child are healthy. He also said that the much-awaited day-date- August 28 Parimani’s child can see the light of the world.

As the day of possible birth draws closer, Parimoni senses the arrival of a new guest better.