Twitter is Launching an Edit Option

Users of this service will soon be freed from the problem of persistent misspelled Twitter messages. Popular social media platform Twitter is soon introducing edit option. This information is known in a report of the news agency AP.

Twitter said the edit feature allows users to edit their 280-character message within 30 minutes of posting a tweet. If a tweet has been edited, there will be a separate icon and timestamp. Users can also see what the message looked like before the correction. That is, even if the message is edited, the original message (or messages) will be visible. Twitter also said,A group of users are testing this feature, so that any problems can be identified and fixed quickly. The company said in a blog post, ‘How this feature can be misused is also a subject of our examination. It is never possible to be 100% careful about this. Twitter has indicated that the edit feature will be rolled out to all users over time.