The Undefeated Champion Girls of Bangladesh

A ray of light had been showing through the darkness for quite some time. The dust of despair was flying in the far horizon. The darkness that spread over the football yard was fading. Now that darkness was removed by the bright smile of the girls. The traveler who is tired of tying the garland of failure now shines in the glory of success. Sabina Khatunra flew the red-green flag in the Saaf women’s championship.The long wait ended with Safar’s trophy. The boys won the Safar trophy in 2003. Nineteen years of regret girls. Sabina Khatunra faced host Nepal in the SAFF final at Dasharath Rangshala Stadium in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal yesterday. As he showed dominance throughout the tournament, he played the final as well.They destroyed themselves with courage. Ignoring the hostile weather and the roar of thousands of fans of the opposing team, they snatched the desired victory. Golam Rabbani Chhotan’s disciples painted Rangshala with a 3-1 victory. Clear Women’s Championship gets new champion.

Champion red-green Bangladesh. Hostile environment on all sides. The field is muddy due to the accumulation of rainwater. It is difficult to run with the ball on the field! Fear of falling when speeding up. After a few minutes, friends and foes became known among the muddy footballers. A handful of Bangladeshi fans at one end of the gallery were cornered by thousands of Nepali spectators throughout the match. The momentary roar of the gallery was Sabina’s greatest adversary. But Sabinara didn’t care about anything. Throwing away all fears, he ran along the path of victory.Defeated Nepal in the field fight. They took the hostile environment in their favor by scoring one goal after another. Thousands of Nepali spectators were stunned to see the lightning speed of Bengal tigresses. Heard the ear-splitting roar of Bengal tigresses. A few visitors of the gallery saw the football art of Bangladeshi girls with fascinated eyes.

Nepal is a tough opponent. Coach Golam Rabbani Chotan took the same strategy against tough opponents. He relies on a solid defense and a scrappy attack. Ankhi and Masura Parvins stopped the attack of Nepal. On the other hand, Maria Manda and Monika Chakmara work the supply line in the midfield. Sabina-Shamsunnahar Jr. and Krishna Rani Sarkar became hot ammunition in the attack. If you have the opportunity to emerge!Shamsunnahar junior gave the first goal to Bangladesh. He entered the field in 10 minutes instead of Sirat Jahan Sapna. Shamsunnahar Jr. scored a goal within three minutes of entering the field as a substitute. He scored with a right foot shot from inside the small D box off Monika Chakma’s cross from the right side of the D box. In the 41st minute of the match, captain Sabina Khatun got the ball from the defenders of Nepal and extended it to the D box.Krishna Rani Sarkar scored by fooling the goalkeeper from inside the D box. In the 70th minute of the match, Anita Basnett paid for a goal for Nepal, but in the 77th minute, Krishna Rani scored from a counter attack to make it 3-1.

Throughout the tournament, goalkeeper Rupana Chakma was like a watchman in front of the goal. He stopped several attacks by Nepal in the final. Especially in the 36th minute of the match, he flew like a bird while blocking Anita’s free kick shot. He conceded only one goal in the entire tournament. Rupna Chakma was the best goalkeeper of the tournament. Sabina Khatun became the best player of the tournament. Bangladesh captain Sabina also became the top scorer. Bangladesh also got the Fair Play Trophy.Like India, Bangladesh girls have never won against Nepal before. The girls gave India the first bitter taste of defeat in the group stage. This time for the first time Nepal also lost. Even in the final! Bangladesh has lost six of the eight times they have played against Nepal. Draw twice. Bangladesh has played the final in SAFF women’s championship only once.Sabinara was defeated by India in that final in 2016. Nepal had played four other SAFF finals before yesterday. They lost to India every time. Yesterday, both teams had a chance to become new champions. Bangladesh took advantage of the opportunity to make the girls of Nepal cry and touch the title.