The Final Of The Dream Is Today

India would play in the final of the SAAF Women’s Football Championship and win the title – something that had become a tradition in the tournament for so long. Finally, in the sixth round of the competition, the traditional rules have changed. India, who crashed in the group stage against Sabina-Krishnad, left Nepal in the semi-finals. Waiting for the dream final. The last hurdle in Bangladesh’s dream match is the host Nepal. This afternoon the title deciding match will be played at the Rasharath Rangshala Stadium in Kathmandu.

Whoever wins the tournament is going to make history. Saaf women’s football will have a new champion. Both teams have submitted dreams to India. Even Nepal reached the final 4 times but could not win the title from India. This time, Nepal took some revenge by defeating that team 1-0 in the last four match. Bangladesh beat India 3-0 in the group stage.

Nepal played the final in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2019. Bangladesh had booked the ticket for the 2016 final. India has smiled victory in 5 tournaments. Both the finalists hit the Indians in this event. The host camp won 1-0 against the defending champions in the semi-finals. However, the students of Golam Rabbani Chotan did not have to burn such wood for the final ticket. They put their name on the final stage by wearing a garland of goals to Bhutan.

Bangladesh won that match 8-0. Sabina-Krishna’s self-confidence has increased several times in that huge win. But winning the title is difficult. Because Bangladesh is behind in two places compared to Nepal. The first is that Rabbani’s team will have to fight in the opponent’s field. Nepal is getting extra motivation to fight at home and in front of familiar crowd. Secondly, even in face-to-face fighting, Nepalis are ahead of Bangladesh. So far, the representatives of red and green have lost every time in three appearances.Bangladesh was knocked out twice by losing to Nepal in the semi-finals.

For the first time in 2010, Bangladesh lost 3-0 against Nepal. The result of the last group stage match in 2019 is also the same. Among them, in 2014, they lost 1-0 in the semis. This match has therefore made a stage for revenge for Bangladesh. And for Nepal, the final is a repeat of history. However, even though Nepal is the favorite, the Bangladesh team has promised to play aggressive football throughout the match.

According to Bangladesh coach Rabbani, the final is going to be fifty-fifty even though Nepal is ahead in the statistics and home conditions. Before the match yesterday, he said, “The girls are improving in all departments. The match against Nepal will be a competitive match. There will be a fifty-fifty match. There will be few opportunities here, but those that come should be used.